Stone Throwing

Casting the First Stone: There are enough people with stones in their hands ready to hurl away. Let us adopt the example of Jesus who, at every occasion, seeks to wrap the individual in love and calls them to a life of holiness.— from Jesus the Evangelist

Even if you don’t want to take it on a spiritual level, what sense does it make casting stones if you know very well you aren’t ready for or cannot present any form of glory.

What do I mean when I speak of glory in a nonspiritual manner; the following words should assist: acclaim, accolade, applause, credit, distinction, honor, kudos, laurels, props [slang]. By glory I mean the outcome of passion, hard work, persistence, determination and endurance. While some of us work towards this glory, others work towards knocking us of the path with their missiles of stone.

Stay strong to your cause and trot on my friends. Stay strong in your mind, strong in your heart and strong in your spirit. Don’t let the enemy take away your joy.

LIFE… Love… Inspiration… Faith… Empowerment… 

Koma2013… 🙂 L.I.F.E




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