Ants… Ants… Ants!!!

So I was doing some reading and came across a scripture passage from the book of Proverbs which states the following:

“Go to the ant, you lazybones; consider its ways, and be wise”(Proverbs 6:6)

“Ants!” I said to myself. Well, I went to the Bible to read the preceding and following verses to put the highlighted verse into perspective. Got myself distracted from my actual studies reading research on ants and their behaviours. Lol!


They spoke about ants’ astonishing industry and foresight. Ants work without being told to do so( they do not wait for commands and instructions), it is innate to do work and get it done effectively. These creatures have highly developed social instincts and they accept their roles in the ant-world. Ants set out on their duties based on being prepared rather than getting caught with their “pants” down. Prevention is better than the cure seems to be their watchwords.  Ants exist on every piece of Gondwanaland and in large quantities, sometimes uncontrollable. They can survive in any culture. Lol!

Have you ever observed ants in action in your surroundings? Before trying to get rid of them that is. Lol!

They work well together. Always making sure to communicate with each other as they pass by in their structured productivity line. Research states that they use pheromones to communicate and have a very acute sense of smell. They are able to detect pheromones that are a result of danger; human feet etc. Lol! Ants keep in touch, they let the necessary information reach their fellow ants without delay.

Well I may not be an ant in this time or a next but I have learnt from their behaviour and there is much to apply to our daily lives as humans.

1. Be Industrious

2. Open Communication is Necessary

3. Keep in Touch

4. Be Prepared

NO more spraying of ants for me. LOL!

Have a great day.

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