What’s it like to be a deep sea explorer? Highlights from a Q&A with Sylvia Earle

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sylvia-earle-with-jellyfish-featureBy Ella Dawson

How colorful is the ocean floor? And what exactly do you do when you run out of air underwater? Yesterday, we invited all of you to talk with oceanographer Sylvia Earle about her adventures as a deep sea diver. Earle is a TED Prize winner and the subject of a new documentary, Mission Blue, which gives an inside look at her lifelong mission to save our oceans.

Below, we collected some of the best moments from this Facebook Q&A. (You can read the full Q&A here.)

Q: What is a thought or feeling you have only when diving?

A: One of the special things about diving is that you are suspended by the water, so you can do extraordinary things you can’t do on land. You can essentially fly. There’s nothing quite like that!

Q: What has been your most memorable interaction with a…

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