How Men Can Protect Against Cancer


It’s no surprise that being physically fit helps protect against heart disease, but a person’s level of fitness might also have a profound effect on cancer outcomes long before a diagnosis. According to a new study in JAMA Oncology, men who were very fit in middle age were 32% less likely to die from cancer after being diagnosed after age 65 than men who weren’t fit in midlife.

“It’s pretty remarkable that a fitness estimate 10-15 years before your actual cancer diagnosis can predict how long you’re going to live after you develop cancer,” says Dr. Susan Lakoski, one of the study’s authors and assistant professor of medicine at the University of Vermont, Burlington.

In the study, which was part of the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study based out of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas, Lakoski and her colleagues looked at fitness data, measured by a treadmill test, and…

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Habits in relationships…

Our habits, whether good or bad,  influence our relationships.

This doesn’t mean one who has good habits equals having a good relationship.

The other person has habits of their own that you’d have to put up with.

Your good habits may be envied by the other person causing jealousy, not good for any relationship. Vice versa.

Your bad habits may be adored and cherished by the other person but it isn’t good for you, you may lose yourself. Vice versa.