5 Career-Killing Attitudes and How to Stop Them


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Have you ever had a not-so-pleasant experience that causes your mind to automatically jump into autopilot and put its own little spin on the situation?

For example, my client Amelia was a finalist for a recent promotion, but in the end, the other candidate was selected. Amelia’s brain went into overdrive trying to explain why she wasn’t chosen. She was sure she wasn’t good enough. And because she didn’t measure up this time, she figured she would probably never measure up. In fact, she should forget about the idea of being promoted completely.

On and on it went—a circle of thinking doom that turned into a torrent of self-deprecation, rather than the isolated incident that it was.

Amelia’s experience is what psychologists call cognitive distortions. They’re patterns of thinking that take a simple event, apply a very subjective interpretation, and then wreak havoc like a runaway train—all in…

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