Opportunities knock….

So many times in life opportunities present themselves but our minds are somewhat closed affecting our sense of judgment and our discerning abilities.

We see those opportunities but don’t look with intent at them for what they truly are.

We hear them mentioned but don’t listen attentively to the message.

We touch them but don’t feel the vibration or true texture.

We smell them but don’t inhale their very essence.

We taste them but don’t savour their flavour.

When we let them pass us by they’re missed opportunities. Sometimes we’re reminded that we missed them but other times we never even knew they knocked so they just moved along.

Be alert… Opportunities may come your way but they’re not gonna linger around.

You don’t wanna keep saying to yourself “I wish I had the opportunity to……”


Every day we’re given opportunities, some of us see them and some are too busy to notice “~Rachael Bermingham


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