We are different… 

Good Morning☀:)☀
Do we just see things, people and situations as they are and they remain that way? 🤔 *No.*
Our mind begins to assess and analyze what we saw. The same applies to the other senses; things we hear, taste, smell and touch.
We then either appreciate or accept the input as well as there are times we don’t. You know, we say we don’t like this or we like that. Different factors will contribute to why we like or dislike.
I enjoy and like eating peanut butter (yummy). Some people will not or even can’t eat it.

I despise ketchup. Some people use it with every meal(gross).

What am I getting at?

We all have had different experiences in our lives that contribute to who we are today and the choices we make on a daily basis.

Sometimes there may be similarities among us but there will always be a difference between you and the other person.(Synonyms are similar in meaning but are not spelt or pronounced the same way)

We are all unique. We are all exposed to the same world but our internalization can differ.

Together we can broaden our view.

Wishing you a satisfying day 🙏:)🙏


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