Good morning ☀:)☀
Sometimes we talk about the future as if it’s some place we can buy a ticket to go there. We’ll it isn’t.
Each tomorrow is the future. 
Just as you put things in place today for tomorrow: what you plan to wear to work, what you’d be cooking etc.; the ‘future’ must be thought of the same way.
I once read that the man who plants seeds is thinking about the future. The person was not just talking about a garden here.
We need to plants seeds of harmony, peace, joy, happiness, gratitude, respect, trust, faith, hope, health and love in our lives. 
If you’re a parent, guardian, teacher, someone who cares for and love children your need to plant these seeds is even more necessary for the younger ones. Their brains are very fertile don’t let it be overgrown with filth. 




Wishing you a wonderful day 🙏:)🙏


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