Relationship thoughts…

Good Morning ☀;)☀
People come into our lives because we let them in.

We hope that they’re good.

We hope they will bring sunlight through the clouds. 

We hope they will believe in us.

We hope they will love us for who we are.

We hope they are a once in a lifetime kind of person.

That’s all good.
People are humans. *We* are all imperfect.
While you are hoping for all these wonderful and amazing attributes and behaviours, they are probably hoping for the same. 

They let you in with the same hopes.
Are you a once in a lifetime person?
Do you take sunlight to their clouds? ⛅

Or you make the clouds thicker and darker 😒
Do you believe in them? 👍👏

Or you get there being all self-opinionated and self-righteous. 👑🎩🎓
Do you love them for who they are?❤

Or you make every effort to “change” them and demand they love you as rotten as you can be.💔
Wishing you a splendid day 🙏;)🙏


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