It’s coming… 2017

Good Morning ☀;)☀
Without fail, 2017 is upon us. We can’t stop it, we can’t get out it.
Many will ask themselves, what did I accomplish in 2016 and think that it must be some enormous feat and feel less about themselves. 

1. You woke up 365 days.

2. You’ve seen sunrises and sunsets.

3. You’ve been through a year and we know it wasn’t smoothly sailed.

4. You’ve not given up on life. 
Those sound enormous to me…

That’s just to name a few.
*Be proud of who you are.*
_Be ready to take on 2017 with fervent prayer and faith._
Wishing you a reflective New Year’s Eve 🙏;)🙏


Our potential…

Good Morning ☀:)☀
“Your potential self is infinite.” 
It is impossible to measure or calculate our true potential.

Therefore it’s necessary to channel our energy to the positive, the uplifting and the good.
Imagine what: 

*Infinite potential + Positivity + Empowerment(Uplifting) + Good* would give us.
Wishing you endless joy 🙏:)🙏


Good Morning ☀:)☀
As we continue on life’s journey we must always remember BALANCE is imperative.
We must be kind to others but don’t let people abuse our kindness.
We build trust in others and we strive to be trustworthy but don’t allow deception to infiltrate.
We must be content but never stop improving ourselves.
We need to live in the essence of life, love, but don’t be blinded by it. 

#Kindness #Trust #Content #Love
Wishing you a marvelous day 🙏;)🙏


Good Morning

Sometimes we feel overburdened and down. 

Do we ever ask ourselves: “Is it my weight to carry? Is it my cross to bear?”
Sometimes we carry burdens that aren’t ours and those are the ones that keep us down the most.
Self care and preservation is imperative. Take stock and get rid of unnecessary and unwarranted burdens.
Wishing you a burden free journey 🙏:)🙏