Article: Want to Raise Your IQ by 23 Percent? Neuroscience Says Take Up This Simple Habit

Want to Raise Your IQ by 23 Percent? Neuroscience Says Take Up This Simple Habit


Step by step…

Good Morning ☀:)☀
Every journey in our lives requires us to take steps. To start the journey, we take the *first step*.
Sometimes we are required to *back step* when it’s overwhelming.
Other times we are required to *step it up* to keep the journey going.
Most importantly is that we *watch our steps*
Wishing you a wonderful day 🙏🙏​


Good Morning ☀:)☀
As soldiers in this battle zone of life, we are always to be on the lookout. 

Our listening skills ought to be sharpened in a way that we hear what others miss.

Our sight has to be keen to see things that are normally overlooked.

We are never to be so submerged in life, that we’re unable to keep our head and shoulders cleared of it and our eyes free to look upward. 

We must have a deeper sense of responsibility.
When we do not acquire this level of awareness and watchfulness, we endanger our lives; our whole life.
Wishing you a fulfilling day 🙏;)🙏


Sometimes we use up our energy looking after the needs of others.
Other times we use it up focusing on what’s happening in others’ lives.
If we channel more of our energy in meeting our own needs and focusing on what’s happening in our own lives; we’d be a happier self. 
Wishing you a marvelous day ;)🤗:)