When we go…

Good Morning ☀😉☀
Scripture stated that we brought nothing into the world, nor can we take anything out of it(1Timothy 6:7).
When we go, we leave memories with our loved ones. Make them fond memories.
When we go, we can leave a legacy behind. Make it one of honesty and integrity.
Wishing you a magnificent day 🙏😊🙏


Precious Blood…


The month of July traditionally honors the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. It is the blood of Christ, the Lamb of God, which cleanses from sin, therefore the Church developed a devotion to Jesus’ physical blood and its mystical power, just as it did for his Sacred Heart from which his blood poured out on the Cross. The Precious Blood of Jesus courses through the Church spiritually, giving eternal life to the Body of Christ through the sacraments. Many saints had a devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus, most notably St. Catherine of Siena. Devotion to the Precious Blood spread greatly through the preaching of Bl. Gaspar del Bufalo, a 19th century priest and founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, and was later approved and recommended by the Holy See. The feast day of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus is July 1st.