Mistakes… Failure… 

Good Morning:)
In our efforts to be, to do and to live, we make mistakes and we experience failure.
Mistakes and failure have their negative effects but they’re the best opportunities we get to identify where we need improvement. 
We must have the courage to learn from our mistakes and moments of failure. Take the positive out of the experience. It’s imperative!
Wishing you a Motivated Monday 🙏;)🙏


St. Monica


St. Monica (322-387) was raised in a Christian home in Tagaste, North Africa. Early in life she struggled with alcoholism, sneaking draughts of wine from the family cellar, before being caught and subsequently giving up the habit. She was later given in marriage to an ill-tempered and adulterous pagan Roman official, with whom she lived along with his similarly ill-tempered mother. Saint Monica suffered greatly, and she fervently prayed for long years for the conversion of her family members. Her patience and kindness became a source of encouragement to other unhappy housewives with whom she came in contact. Monica gave birth to three children and was grieved that her husband would not allow them to be baptized. Her eldest son, Augustine, was a wayward child and caused her the most pain, and she prayed fervently for decades for his conversion. Through her persistence in prayer and good example, her husband became a Christian shortly before his death. When Augustine was caught up with heretical sects and moved away to Milan, St. Monica followed him. A holy bishop comforted her by saying that, “The child of those tears shall never perish.” Monica became friends with the Bishop of Milan, St. Ambrose, who eventually led Augustine to convert to the Christian faith. Everything we know of St. Monica’s heroic virtue is contained in the writings of her son, who became the great St. Augustine of Hippo. St. Monica is patron of housewives, difficult marriages, alcoholism, mothers, widows, abuse victims, victims of adultery, and disappointing children. Her feast day is August 27th.


Good morning ☀:)☀
Sometimes we talk about the future as if it’s some place we can buy a ticket to go there. We’ll it isn’t.
Each tomorrow is the future. 
Just as you put things in place today for tomorrow: what you plan to wear to work, what you’d be cooking etc.; the ‘future’ must be thought of the same way.
I once read that the man who plants seeds is thinking about the future. The person was not just talking about a garden here.
We need to plants seeds of harmony, peace, joy, happiness, gratitude, respect, trust, faith, hope, health and love in our lives. 
If you’re a parent, guardian, teacher, someone who cares for and love children your need to plant these seeds is even more necessary for the younger ones. Their brains are very fertile don’t let it be overgrown with filth. 




Wishing you a wonderful day 🙏:)🙏

We are different… 

Good Morning☀:)☀
Do we just see things, people and situations as they are and they remain that way? 🤔 *No.*
Our mind begins to assess and analyze what we saw. The same applies to the other senses; things we hear, taste, smell and touch.
We then either appreciate or accept the input as well as there are times we don’t. You know, we say we don’t like this or we like that. Different factors will contribute to why we like or dislike.
I enjoy and like eating peanut butter (yummy). Some people will not or even can’t eat it.

I despise ketchup. Some people use it with every meal(gross).

What am I getting at?

We all have had different experiences in our lives that contribute to who we are today and the choices we make on a daily basis.

Sometimes there may be similarities among us but there will always be a difference between you and the other person.(Synonyms are similar in meaning but are not spelt or pronounced the same way)

We are all unique. We are all exposed to the same world but our internalization can differ.

Together we can broaden our view.

Wishing you a satisfying day 🙏:)🙏